Flexible and secure virtual control panels

Take a hold of your IoT data and replace or supplement any physical control panel with an easy to customize, secure and practically maintenance-free virtual panel.

An AR user interface lets people see the data that is relevant just for them and access directly the exact controls they need to operate a machine or a process. Panels scale up to any size and are easy to place anywhere in the production facility or to take along wherever you need one.

Augumenta SmartPanel runs on any binocular smartglasses on the market today.


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Lower TCO

The panels don't wear out over time and need very little maintaining.


Create each user a custom setup to access the right data with ease.


Easy to update with simple software no matter if it is a smaller tweak or major rebuild.


Only authorized people can see the data and access controls.

Create and edit AR control panels with our authoring tool


Choose your panel layout, use the drag and drop -tool to add widgets and connect the controls to your systems.

Click to download it to your smartglasses and you have a ready-to-test version in no time.

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augmented reality user interface

How to control machines with augmented reality?

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