AR Glasses Landscape

As the AR glasses hardware market is growing and heating up it has become harder to have a good overview of the active brands and available models. We are pleased to release our “AR Glasses Landscape” to help our friends, customers and even competitors  (  ^-^)v  For this AR glasses landscape we concentrate on devices that:

  1. are available for purchase: no prototypes, concepts, renders or reference designs
  2. have a display
  3. either have a processing unit or can be connected to one
  4. can run custom applications (no one-trick-ponies)

The AR market is also becoming fairly crowded and the recent arrival of hybrid devices blurred the borders between AR, VR, and MR. Here’s a good test to determine if a device is AR: could you (safely!) wear it while driving your car? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely an AR device. Otherwise you’re probably looking at MR. For example, recent VR devices featuring video pass-through like the Meta Quest 3, some HTC Vive models and the Apple Vision Pro headsets are MR rather than AR. On the other hand most devices with transparent displays can be worn all day while safely operating machinery and are thus part of the Augmented Reality family.

Augumenta AR Glasses Landscape October 2023

Click the image to download a PDF version.

You may have noted that we use “AR glasses” instead of “smartglasses”. The latter term has been tainted by both mainstream media and consumer device manufacturers, and now apparently includes devices with little functionality, like simple audio players. “AR glasses” is a better description of what we are listing here. Plus “AR” can stand for assisted reality or augmented reality, both of which are welcome in our list.

Your company is not listed? Missing a model? Found a mistake? Send your suggestions to or get in touch using the social media of your choice (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Updates will be released as we receive your inputs and the market evolves.

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