Accurate and reliable AR markers
for smartglasses and smartphone applications

Connect your workers’ wearables to the real world: our accurate, reliable and omnipresent SmartMarkers link your AR applications and the factory environment to boost your workers 4.0 productivity. No special hardware is needed: our computer vision algorithms run on any camera-equipped mobile device!

SmartMarkers are designed specifically for fast and long-distance real-time detection using the worker’s smartglasses or mobile devices. They dramatically improve the user experience compared to short-range QR-codes and other markers. Our industrial-grade SmartMarkers are the perfect way to easily and reliably identify machines, parts, products and locations to augment your AR and productivity applications.

In addition to identifying the unique marker itself, SmartMarkers will provide an accurate position and orientation of the user relative to the marker. This can improve the safety and security of your workers while providing them with a friendly context aware interaction on the factory floor. Watch the engineering demo reel below to see SmartMarkers’ improved accuracy, precision and low-light performance in action!

Being aimed at industrial applications, SmartMarkers have unique features like vendor-locked address spaces (to prevent conflicts between vendors and applications), variable physical size, integrated checksum and ECC, space for a central logo (branding) and a wide range of payload size (2 to 12 bytes). Multiple markers can also be combined to increase the positioning accuracy and coverage simultaneously.


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Performance comparison

SmartMarkers are optimized for high performance and reliability with smaller payloads, which is the most common scenario for most professional applications in fields such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, oil and gas, building management, safety and logistics. Whenever a short serial number, product ID or patient identifier is required, SmartMarkers are the answer!

QR code (zxing) ARToolKit SmartMarkers
Maximum detection distance 110 cm 150 cm 200 cm
Maximum stable detection distance 50 cm 115 cm 175 cm
Position precision N/A 0.6 % < 0.03 %
Orientation precision 0.93° 0.11°
Distance accuracy 4 % < 0.5 %
Payload size 104 bits 12 bits 24 bits
Low light operation 60 lx 250 lx 37 lx
Frame rate (full frame detection) 5 Hz 15 Hz 25 Hz
Shallow angle detection 75° 30° 10°

(All markers were 9×9 cm in size and used the smallest possible payload for maximum detection range. All tests were made on the same mobile platform.)

Simple to integrate, simple to use

SmartMarkers are part of our SDK for simple integration in your application. We can also supply the tools for SVG/PDF generation.


Various sizes, payloads and ECC. Vendor-locked address spaces. Tailor-made markers are also possible.


Designed for wearables like smartglasses


Super performance for maximal usability in tough industrial environments


Workers can immediately understand their purpose and start using SmartMarkers with very limited training.

Industrial grade

High reliability, accuracy and the ability to be detected in near darkness make SmartMarkers ideal for difficult industrial situations.

I4.0 and IoT

SmartMarkers are the perfect companion to connect your productivity and AR solutions to real world machines and systems within your factory 4.0.