Industrial augmented reality

Interactive AR solutions that make people more capable and productive

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Data - use your key asset to the max

Wearable solutions that bring the right data to the right people


Make it right the first time

Hands-free solutions that help people excel in challenging tasks


How industrial AR can help in business continuity during COVID-19

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Change the way you work with remote sites

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Easy-to-deploy Augmented Reality solutions for enterprises

Raise productivity to a new level by making your most valuable asset usable: data. Interactive wearable solutions help people on the factory shop floor and in the field do better, learn faster and stay safer.

Our solutions help companies enable remote working and expert assistance, enhance daily operational efficiency, and improve the safety record.

Maximize up-time

Use hands-free real-time data to solve upcoming issues before they turn into problems

Save time

Do the right things at the right time with the right data

Ensure quality

Good instructions help you do things right the first time

Work safely

Wearables and up-to-date data help reduce human mistakes

Augmented Reality and smartglasses are changing the way we control and monitor machines in digital factories. They are affecting the nature of work, how we cooperate, and how the future workforce is trained. AR is a tangible tool to get a hold of the data IoT devices provide, and one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0.

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Let’s get started with your journey to industrial augmented reality.

This is how it goes: take an AR app, tailor it to match your needs, and deploy on the digital factory shop floor. We’ll make sure you have the apps and tools that help you in today’s problem solving as well as in developing your operations in the future.

Check out our solutions and see how AR can help you:

AR control UI


AR user interface to control and monitor machines

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Real-time process monitoring and controlling with wearables

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Augumenta Studio

Augumenta Studio

Authoring tool to customize our apps to fit your needs

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SmartEyes remote expert assistance


Remote collaboration solution for the industry

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Your link between smartglasses and real world objects and locations

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Instructions, checklist and remote support with smartglasses

Read more about worker guidance

Are you a developer and a fellow AR enthusiast? Check out:

Developer tools