What if you could access all the data easily while you work?


AR boosts efficiency in maintenance

Augmented reality and smartglasses help improve the productivity and safety of maintenance and repair personnel. Easily available instructions and access to data shorten repair times and improve the capabilities of junior experts to handle tasks. AR technology helps maximize uptime by supporting predictive maintenance activities. 


With smartglasses, people never lose visibility into information

One of the problems today: lots of data is shown on a dashboard, but it’s in a control room. When you leave the room to start an inspection round or maintenance process, will you still remember most of it?

Smartglasses take those numbers and data with you, you can check the right data anytime, which save a whole lot of time. Not to mention keeping you safe. Getting the right values makes sure you make the right adjustments.

Key benefits of AR and smartglasses

  • Maintenance and inspections can be rather long processes. Let glasses guide you through workflows; never miss a step in the process.
  • Maintenance tasks often require thorough documenting. Don’t waste time writing reports; let glasses do it for you automatically.
  • Maintenance often involves tricky places or dangerous tasks. Feel safe while working; working instructions are always there for you.
  • Call for help when needed; the remote expert is always one gesture away.

How you can you deploy AR efficiently in maintenance?


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