Why choose us?

Here are seven reasons why to choose the Augumenta team as your partner along the digital transformation and industrial AR journey. We hope this helps you to get to know us a bit better.

1. Own technology and an extremely talented team

These two make us an agile and innovative team that’s able to react fast to any challenge. If there’s a problem that needs solving, a new feature that needs to be developed, or we need to find a completely new path to some unexplored area of industrial AR to solve a case, we’ll go head-on.

2. Interactivity

We rely on multimodal interaction methods that always allow an intuitive way of using our applications. Industrial environments can be noisy, dark, or require people to wear heavy protective gear. In maintenance and repair cases, the working site may be hard to reach or in harsh outside conditions. The user must have an option to choose the best interaction method, be it hand gestures, head-motion, voice, or a combination of methods.

In our solutions data goes always two ways: our apps don’t only show KPI’s to the user, but also include rich input capabilities to interact with machines. Augumenta smartglasses apps let users control local and remote devices and systems.

3. Easy customization with Augumenta Studio

Our applications are built to be easy to customize to meet exact customer needs. The Studio authoring tool lets companies tailor the applications to fit their use case. The overall problems to solve may often be similar but each use case has its own special features. We want our customers to be able to stay in control over the changes.

4. Fast, easy and cost-efficient deployment

Our solutions are designed to be easy to integrate into various company systems. Augumenta solutions support common industry protocols like OPC UA and MQTT and are tried and tested with a wide variety of IoT platforms, like Mindsphere, Watson, AWS IoT, and many others. In addition to standard systems, we have successfully integrated our solution to a number of legacy systems.

5. Device agnostic software

Technology, these days, is developing super fast. New devices come and go, company execution systems change and get updated. Platform independence has been the basic requirement of our development work from the start. Freedom of choice of devices is something we want our customers to have. No matter what smartglasses our customers wish to use, our software works on it. We are cooperating with several smartglasses vendors to make sure our applications are optimized for any device available on the market.

6. Expertise in computer vision

We have a unique computer vision skill set that allows us to research and develop innovative solutions that no-one has done before. If there’s a use case where complex algorithms are needed, we are able to deliver them fast. SmartPanel is a great example of what the team is capable of.

7. IP portfolio

We’re holding a portfolio of patents related to wearable interaction and augmented reality. So we have a pretty good track record of being in the front line of research and development in this field.

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