What if you could double the speed of learning?


Augumenta SmartEyes helps JICA experts train remotely researchers in two African countries, read the latest example of how AR can change the way people learn: JICA remote learning challenge

How to transfer knowledge to the next generation of experts

Industrial equipment and machinery are getting more and more complex. The number of skilled workers is getting smaller. The skills gap is starting to be a real problem for companies. There’s not enough junior workers replacing the retiring generations.

Augmented Reality is one of the key tools for helping transfer the knowledge and speed up the learning process.

What to use instead of paper manuals in training?

Millennials are starting to make up the majority of the workforce in the next couple of years and companies need to rethink the way they train new people.

This generation doesn’t like studying by reading books; modern methods are needed. Smartglasses and augmented reality boost the efficiency of training and provide the tools preferred by the younger workforce.

Key benefits of smartglasses and AR

  • People learn best by doing. Changing from passive lectures and paper manuals to on the job training with AR instructions instantly available companies have been able to achieve reductions in the time it takes to learn a task.
  • With glasses, juniors get guidance that minimizes human mistakes, especially during first weeks and months affecting both the security of new employees and the quality of their work.
  • No need to train people to become an expert in a niche field. Workers can have “50% skills” on various topics and glasses will fill the skill gap. A person can handle more responsibilities than before.
  • Some industries have a really high employee turnover rate; training is a continuous process.
  • A mentor is easily reachable via a call and can guide and support in learning.

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How can you use AR to boost the efficiency of learning and knowledge transfer?

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