AR is changing the way we do things in the industry


“Data collected on dashboards is valuable; individualized data in front of your eyes is priceless.”

Stay on top of things in busy production line environments


In today’s highly automated production facilities, the amount of data is large, events take place in high speed and the number of operators looking over the production processes is small.

Smartglasses help people foresee problems, react fast and prevent issues from escalating.

Manage complicated assembly or frequently changing products on the line


AR-based instructions are valuable in high-mix-low-volume scenarios where products being assembled change on a daily basis and workers cannot establish working routines.


Glasses have a proven record of increasing production output, reducing downtime and enhancing safety record.

Key benefits of AR and smartglasses:

  • Real-time data on smartglasses display help minimize downtime: you can react to issues before they turn into problems.
  • Augmented reality instructions help reduce human mistakes, especially in complex assembly tasks and with new products on the line.
  • Having access to data and controls from your current location helps save time, you don’t need to stay close to fixed displays and keyboards to oversee processes and interact with machines. AR is about measurable results.

Can you benefit from augmented reality tools in a digitized factory?


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