Augumenta Studio

A visual authoring tool to customize your AR apps

We think that great industrial augmented reality apps are easy to use by anyone, easy to deploy in any environment and run smoothly no matter the devices and systems our customers use. Our web-based authoring tool Augumenta Studio is developed just for that: customizing Augumenta AR apps to match the specific requirements of our customers’ use cases. Choose an app, master the content in an easy to use visual editor, and take into action on the shop-floor.

Studio supports all commercially available smartglasses, understands standard industry protocols and connects with a wide variety of IoT platforms for fast integration.


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IoT ready

Connect to sensors, machines and IoT platforms with standard protocols like MQTT and OPC UA.

What You See Is What You Get

Create your UI in seconds by simply dragging elements in place in an easy visual editor.

Built for teamwork

Share and co-create easily with your teammates.

Device agnostic

Our solutions operate on all commercially available smartglasses platforms.

Not an AR coding wizard?

Don’t worry, we have the right solution for you!

Define data sources, design UI features, and choose the right interaction methods for AR apps. To get you easily started, Augumenta Studio provides you with pre-built templates and element libraries.  Drag and drop elements into place and hook them up with machines and your operations execution systems. When you’re ready, move the design from Studio to smartglasses with one mouse-click. You’ll have a ready to test application in a snap. No need for advanced coding skills to get started with industrial AR.

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Difficult to keep up with rapidly evolving AR techs?

No worries, with Studio you stay in control of the changing requirements.

Do you feel like new gadgets pop up like mushrooms after rain? The existing device base and enterprise systems are continuously updated, make sure the solutions you choose today don’t go obsolete tomorrow.

We are continuously on the lookout for the new stuff on the market and make sure our tools support the latest techs. There’s no need to recreate the whole application base if you need to update to another version of a smartglasses device.

How does AR integrate into your operating systems?

Our goal is to keep the journey to industrial AR simple: manage content, connect systems and use AR applications with ease.

Augumenta Studio supports standard industry protocols like MQTT and OPC UA and integrates with industrial IoT platforms, for example, MindSphere, Watson, ThingWorx and AWS IoT, just to mention a few. You can connect AR applications to your company operations execution systems and industrial IoT platforms using the authoring tool.

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