Who we are

Augumenta was founded in 2012 by three augmented reality and mobile industry veterans. Our business is heavily based on scientific research, done by our founders during the past 15 years. We are truly proud of our research work, our own technology and the fact that almost every day we do things that no-one has done before.

Our headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland, the “Silicon Valley” of the Nordics. However, we also have personnel in Kenya, Taiwan, and Japan. We are an international company, there’s several different nationalities working in our company and we are operating all over the world. 

If you want to contact some of our team members directly, please send an email to info[a] or use our contact form.

Our team

Director of big ideas Tero

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Sales, customer and investor relations, legal

Doctor of AR Peter

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer


Computer vision wizard Damien

Co-Founder / Head of Research

Coordinator of dreams and realities Eeva

Chief Operating Officer

HR, finances and daily office operations

Augumenta marketing & comms contact
Marketing Communications Eve

Expos, events, social media, website and PR

Customer Success Specialist Kalle K

Customer and technical support

Seriously cool web developer An

Augumenta Studio development

Ridiculously good software developer Harri
Kick ass developer Kalle S
team member
SW lumberjack and master of IoT Team member overseas
Johnny, AUgumenta team member
Seriously talented trainee Johnny