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Recommendations for effective interaction

The following recommendations will help you interact easily and effectively with a SmartPanel.

  1. To avoid multiple controls being activated, only extend one finger (usually the index finger) when activating controls.
  2. Interaction may be impossible when the finger is nearly perpendicular to the panel surface because the system needs to see finger tip somehow.
  3. Best interaction is achieved when the finger is parallel to the panel surface and hence easy for the algorithms to understand where your are pointing at.
  4. Controls activation is time based: the finger must be present over the control for a short duration before it is activated.
  5. You don’t need to touch the panel, but you will notice that you interact better when at least it is close enough to the panel surface.
  6. Avoid excessive head or panel motion when interacting.
  7. Avoid reflections on the panel. The panel should look nicely black to provide good detection and good contrast with the UI overlay.