Our company story began with solving the interaction problems of AR wearables: how do you efficiently communicate with the devices and virtual objects in the augmented reality environment. We wanted to turn AR into a productive tool for companies. The SmartPanel technology is combining the best of our knowledge in the field of industrial AR and intuitive interaction with techs such as machine vision and machine learning on the background. We predict that in the future (and quite soon if you ask us) you won’t see control panels with physical buttons or knobs anymore. Virtual panels are simply more flexible, safer and easier to maintain. There are no other solutions quite like SmartPanel: it’s purely Augumenta’s own forerunning technology and we were recently granted a new patent for it.

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) interviewed our CEO Tero Aaltonen about the benefits of the SmartPanel technology. Machine control with the help of Augmented reality changes the way how for example production lines are operated and maintained and is a tech that machine and automation builders as well as manufacturing industry using those machines can benefit from.

Please, read the full AREA blog here: https://thearea.org/augumenta-receives-patent-for-its-ar-smartpanel-machine-control/