Service Descriptions

These Service Descriptions, together with the applicable Order and Terms of Service, form the “Agreement” applicable to the Services to which you have subscribed. We reserve the right to update these Service Descriptions from time to time without notice to you. Except as otherwise set forth in the Terms of Service, your continued access to and use of the Services will indicate your acceptance of the then-current Terms of Service.

General Information & Definitions

Use Levels. Use Levels means the model by which we measure, price and offer the Services as set forth on the applicable price list, Order, and/or Service Description. You are responsible for designating and managing your Users and their use of the Services in accordance with the Agreement and the Use Levels set forth in the Order and/or the Service Descriptions. Each User must have a unique Named User ID that may not be shared among Users. We reserve the right to review your usage, in our sole discretion, determine if you are exceeding the appropriate Use Levels, and: (i) suspend your access to the Services; (ii) terminate the Service; and/or (iii) invoice you for actual usage. Should we suspect that any User information is not accurate, current or complete, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your or your User’s usage of the Services.

Definitions. All terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. For any conflict between these Service Descriptions and the terms in any other component of the Agreement, the terms below control for the applicable Service only.

  • Administrator means an individual you designate (or by default, the authorized signatory of the Agreement) who manages the Administration.
  • Administration Center means a portal for Administrators that provides end-user and account-management tools, and a centralized control for administration and deployment of the Service.
  • Content means any files, documents, recordings, and other information belonging to you, users or others as may be uploaded to your account for storage and/or as used, presented or shared with third parties in connection with the Service.
  • Named Authorized User, NAU means those designated individuals who may access and use the Services in accordance with the Agreement. Each NAU must have a Named User ID. Designated individuals may include, by way of example, employees, contractors, consultants and agents or third parties with whom you transact business as designated by an Administrator.
  • Named User ID means the unique identifier of each designated individual authorized to use the Services. A Named User ID must be unique and may not be of a generic nature (e.g., is a unique Named User ID; whereas, or are examples of generic user identifiers).
  • User or Unit means NAU.

Customer and Technical Support. We may make available to you online or onsite technical support services for individuals who are Named Authorized Users or authorized by you to access the Services, as defined in Order.

Training. We may make available to you online or onsite training sessions for individuals who are Named Authorized Users or authorized by you to access the Services, as defined in Order.

Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted in the applicable Service Description, the Privacy Policy applies.

Augumenta SmartEyes

Augumenta SmartEyes is an online communication service that enable individuals and organizations to easily, securely and cost-effectively interact using a rich set of features including e.g.: desktop screen sharing, video conferencing, and integrated audio. The Services are delivered via web browser and mobile application, through a globally distributed network of proprietary hardware and software, hosted and operated by Augumenta, and its partners. The maximum number of Users able to use the Services is defined in Order.

Emergency Services. You understand that the Services: (a) do not offer “dial-tone” functionality; and (b) should not be used for calls to emergency service numbers (which may include 911, 999, 119 and 112). In the event of an emergency, you should utilize the telephone service provided by your local telephone carrier to make an emergency call.

Storage. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is not designed to serve as master storage of your data and you are responsible for ensuring that master copies of your data are stored in a separate system. This does not apply to recordings created by the Service and stored in its internal storage.

Streaming Cameras (“Kit”). One or several streaming cameras may be included in Order. You must inform Augumenta of any missing or incorrect Kit components within 48 hours of delivery. During the 6-month period following the purchase date, if all, or any part, of the Kit does not perform, Augumenta will replace the component or kit at no charge to you. Following this 6-month period, the Kit is provided on an “AS IS” BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, except to the extent that any manufacturer warranty remains in effect. Augumenta does not accept return of used Kits and will not issue refunds for them. However, in the event that you are unsatisfied with the performance of the Kit, Augumenta may, at its sole option, approve return on the Kit and may charge a reasonable restocking fee.

Use of Service. Service may be used for normal business use only. Augumenta reserves the right to review your usage of the Service to determine if such usage is abnormal or violates the Agreement (for example, having a continuous video call for 24 hours with multiple participants would be considered as abnormal usage). Augumenta may determine abnormal usage through comparison with overall customer usage patterns, including minutes used, number of unique numbers connected, usage patterns, and other factors. If Augumenta determines that your usage is non-typical, or you are engaging in use that otherwise violates the Agreement, Augumenta may, in its sole discretion, transfer you to a more appropriate Service plan, charge applicable rates, or suspend or terminate your Service with or without notice. If Augumenta believes that Customer has used the Service for an unlawful purpose, Augumenta may immediately terminate your Agreement with or without notice and/or forward the relevant communication and other information to the appropriate authorities for investigation and prosecution.

Augumenta Studio

Augumenta Studio is an augmented reality content authoring platform, allowing users to easily create and import AR content, edit it, and transfer it to mobile devices running Augumenta applications.

Storage. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is not designed to serve as master storage of your data and you are responsible for ensuring that master copies of your data are stored in a separate system.


Last Updated: September, 2020 (2020.v2)