Blazing trails in industrial augmented reality

Did you know that some of us started researching the technologies related to augmented reality over twenty years ago? Yep, that’s a looong time as we’re talking about technologies that are developing at such a fast pace. The company has been around since 2012, but we have a lot deeper roots than that in academic research and software product development. On that basis, we have developed our own unique technologies and gained an IPR portfolio that differentiates us from any other SW developer company.

Over the years, we have built a team of talented AR enthusiasts that continue exploring new areas of augmented reality, machine vision, machine learning, IoT, and other related technologies every day. The Augumenta team members come from different cultural backgrounds and age groups but share an open-minded approach to new things and finding better ways to do things. This feature combined with the kind of accumulated knowledge that you cannot learn from any other source than sheer hard hands-on work make us an agile and innovative team that’s able to react fast to any situation. If there’s a problem that needs solving, a new feature that needs to be developed we don’t hesitate to tackle the challenge. If we need to find a completely new path to some unexplored area of industrial AR to solve a case, we’ll go head-on.

Emphasizing the human in the human-machine interaction

The intuitiveness of using the applications, that has been the core requirement for our product development since the beginning. We’re developing augmented reality for the industry which means tools for people working in the field or the factory shop-floor. Industrial environments can be noisy, dark, or require people to wear heavy protective gear. The working sites may be hard to reach or in harsh outside conditions. There has to be an option to choose the best interaction method, be it hand gestures, head-motion, voice, or a combination of methods and the apps need to be easy-to-use in any environment. In the most positive meaning the phrase “Make it simple”, is our core competency: make all the difficult and complicated technological stuff disappear and leave only the robust tool visible to people, the kind that actually helps you do your job better.

Letting the customer stay in control

In industrial use cases, like introducing augmented reality to manufacturing production line or predictive maintenance, the overall problems to solve seem very similar. Still, each use case has its own special features, the systems, the people and the devices vary. And technology, these days, is developing super fast. New devices come and go, company execution systems change and get updated.

Platform independence is the basic requirements of our development work – and has always been. Having worked with all the major augmented reality glasses types and projects with a wide variety of company systems has taught us how to make augmented reality solutions easy to integrate and fast to deploy. Passing on this knowledge, we continuously strive to make our apps easy to customize by our customers. We’re letting go of the control, and giving the freedom of choice of best systems and hardware to our customers.

We’re here to give you a hand with that, we’ll walk with you on that journey just as much as you need us to.


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